Church St. Michael of Cluj-Napoca

Since the 19th century, historians have been interested in the building history of St. Michael's Church in Cluj-Napoca, which remains unexplained to this day. The restoration and renovation of the church has provided an opportunity for a more detailed study of the church.


The restoration, which began in August 2018, was primarily aimed at preserving the church. The project is a prime example of multidisciplinary preservation: a collaboration between architects, civil engineers, …



In written sources the parish priest of the church is mentioned for the first time in 1316. The parish priest Benedict was a prominent figure in Cluj-Napoca, who three years later successfully applied for municipal privileges to King Charles I of Hungary.


The Church of Saint Michael in Cluj is the second largest church in Transylvania, standing in the main square of Cluj-Napoca, in the former Great Market.

“Of the oldest architectural monuments in Cluj Napoca, it is the first in terms of size, age, historical and art historical significance.”

Lajos Kelemen